Alcon WaveLight Allegretto Laser

The Alcon WaveLight Allegretto EX500 was the first excimer laser used to perform wavefront-guided treatments. Wavefront technology measures aspects of the eyes' refractive error that cannot be detected with traditional scans. In addition to this innovative feature, the Alcon WaveLight Allegretto offers a number of unique optical measurement instruments:

  • Eye Tracker:500Hz eye tracker reacts to the eye's movements with just 2 milliseconds of latency so the excimer laser can be properly positioned for an increase in speed of over 1.4 seconds per diopter.
  • Beam Size: A small beam that is 0.68 mm in diameter with a Gaussian profile for smoother ablation.
  • Speed: This system applies 200 individual laser pulses per second to help prevent adverse effects.
  • Optical Zones: The combination of optical zones from 1.5 mm to 8 mm allows the surgeon to perform the treatment, helping to reduce night vision problems in patients.

These features, along with the laser’s ability to treat a larger area of the cornea, allow our surgeons to create a more natural corneal shape. Use of the Alcon WaveLight Allegretto results in a higher quality of vision, particularly under low luminance conditions and reduces or eliminates glare and halos when driving at night.

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