LASIK MD offers patients iLASIK, an All-Laser LASIK procedure using a specific combination of AMO’s IntraLase technology and its Visx S4IR excimer laser. Certain patients who were not previously eligible for standard LASIK may now be eligible using this All-Laser method.

The iLASIK method is a 100% blade-free approach, and involves using the IntraLase Femtosecond laser (instead of the microkeratome associated with traditional LASIK) to create your corneal flap. A thin, hinged flap is created by tiny pulses of laser light that pass harmlessly through the outer portion of your cornea. Then the flap is lifted temporarily from the eye's surface or cornea. This allows for the use of the Visx S4IR excimer laser which reshapes the cornea for vision correction.

In both the standard LASIK and iLASIK procedures, the protective flap is then folded back for healing. Both procedures provide the same excellent outcomes. Like with the standard LASIK procedure, your iLASIK corneal flap takes only 15-30 seconds per eye. The entire procedure only takes about 10 minutes, including preparation time.

iLASIK is another example of how LASIK MD provides the latest technology from the world leaders in laser vision correction.