Advanced Personalized Treatment

The LASIK MD Hamilton clinic now offers Advanced Personalized Treatment (APT).

APT uses Zywave Technology to establish a specific treatment plan.  This technology corrects irregularities that are particular to each individual's corneas.

The procedure is tailored to your visual irregularities.  These are specific to your eyes, as measured by an aberrometer.  APT is able to treat specific areas of the cornea by using precision diagnostics that measure refractive errors and flaws-known as higher-order aberrations.

Advanced Personalized Treatment is similar to Custom LASIK in that both procedures enable your surgeon to further customize the Standard LASIK procedure.  APT also utilizes advanced software for greater precision of outcomes.

APT has an additional benefit for people whose vision is poorly corrected with glasses or contact lenses. As well, APT may correct some disturbances of vision that might be the result of previous eye injuries or surgeries.

Both APT and Custom LASIK offer the same advantages:

  1. Tissue Saving: Allows for vision correction while removing less corneal tissue.  This is particularly important with patients with thin corneas, higher prescriptions and large pupils.
  2. Larger Treatment Zones: Minimizes the risk of night-time glare and haloes, especially for patients with higher prescriptions and large pupils.
  3. Better Quality Vision: Less optical aberrations are measured following the procedure, resulting in sharper eyesight and a better chance of achieving 20/20 or even 20/15 vision.
  4. A Faster Laser: Shorter treatment times make the final vision result more predictable.

Our team of eye care professionals will determine if APT is right for you.