Cataract Surgery

Video Cataract Surgery

Bringing Clarity Back to Life

Can you imagine regaining vision comparable to what it was during your youth? Turning back the hands of time is now possible through cataract surgery! In fact, this surgery dramatically improves eyesight in 95% of patients, irrespective of age. Cataract removal is one of the safest, most effective and most common surgical procedures.

A Ten-Minute Procedure...

Step 1 – The latest anesthesia techniques use drops and gel to freeze the eye. The use of needles are not required. The surgeon then enters the front part of the eye through a microscopic incision in the cornea measuring only 1/10 inch. This incision is self-healing and does not require stitches.

Step 2 – Surgeons use state-of-the-art ultrasound technology to remove the lens of the eye. Through this specialized and precise instrument, called a phacoemulsifier, the lens is then removed.

Step 3 – The lens is then replaced with a new foldable artificial lens.

Step 4 – The new lens unfolds and takes the place of the natural lens, for an easy and smooth transition. Within minutes, natural forces seal the micro-incision in the cornea. The procedure is completed, with no stitches required, allowing for a speedy self-healing process. The procedure generally requires ten minutes of operating room time


A CLEAR Difference!

The once cloudy lens that caused faded or blurry vision is now replaced with a clear lens restoring the patient's vision. Cataract procedures also offer a quick recovery period: within hours of the surgery, the incision has usually begun to heal. Most patients are able to resume day-to-day activities just 24 hours after the surgery.

LASIK MD is currently using the following:

Alcon’s ReStor Intraocular Lens (IOL) can substantially restore a patient’s ability to see both near and distant objects without the aid of reading glasses or bifocals. The ReSTOR IOL's innovative lens optics allows for a greater range of accommodation, thereby eliminating or significantly reducing dependence on reading glasses following cataract surgery – without compromising on distance vision. More people are candidates for Alcon’s ReSTOR than most other lenses. The ReSTOR lens is used for Cataract, RLE, and Lens PresbyVisionTM patients.

Please contact us to confirm if the described technology is available in your region.

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