Lens Implants

LASIK and PRK laser eye surgery involve altering the shape of the cornea using a precise laser. These types of procedures are considered superficial procedures because they remain on the “surface” of the eye. There are certain vision problems that cannot be treated with laser vision correction. In addition, you may not be a candidate for laser vision correction due to various other factors.

In contrast to superficial procedures, intraocular surgery takes place within the interior section of the eye. A surgeon will anesthetize the eye before entering the interior section.

At LASIK MD, we offer a full range of vision solutions best suited for your eyes. We are among a select few eye centres in Canada who provide comprehensive care for a wide range of vision problems.

Please note that our team of qualified doctors can determine which procedure is best for you during your pre-operative assessment.

Please contact us to confirm if the described technology is available in your region.

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