Insurance Plans Cover Laser Vision Correction

In the past, most corporate benefit plans provided vision care packages to employees that covered the cost of glasses and contact lenses, but did not include coverage for laser vision correction. Now more than ever, companies are offering either full or partial coverage for laser vision correction, such as LASIK or PRK surgeries, as part of their vision care plan.

By covering part of the cost for laser vision correction, these companies are helping their employees to enjoy a more permanent solution to vision problems, thereby making the laser eye surgery procedure more affordable than ever.

If you are covered under a vision plan with your employer, ask your benefits representative about laser vision correction coverage.

Important Flexible Medical Information

Have you been contributing your pre-tax dollars to an employer-run Health/Flexible Spending Account? Many companies or health insurance providers offer Health/Flexible Spending Accounts to help offset many types of medical expenses. You may use your pre-tax dollars for medical procedures like LASIK or PRK laser eye surgeries at LASIK MD. Ask your insurance provider or your company and take advantage of this option and benefit from potential savings towards your laser vision correction procedure.

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