FAQ Video: Why choose LASIK MD?

During a LASIK MD webinar, Dr. Avi Wallerstein answered the question: “Why should I choose LASIK MD over the other laser eye centers?”

Dr. Wallerstein points out that LASIK MD performs over 50% of LASIK procedures in Canada. He says patients spread positive word of mouth about LASIK MD. He says LASIK MD provides a sense of comfort because they are the only national provider of laser vision correction in Canada.

Dr. Wallerstein says LASIK MD surgeons have collectively performed over 500,000 procedures. He says LASIK MD’s team of over 50 surgeons collaborate in real time exchanging clinical know-how and information. Every patient can rest assured that when they come to LASIK MD, they are benefiting from the experience of all of our surgeons, not just the surgeon who performs their actual procedure.

He says the mission of LASIK MD has always been to offer the highest quality medical care, at an affordable price.

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