FAQ Video: How does LASIK work, what are the risks?

During a LASIK MD webinar, Dr. Avi Wallerstein answered the questions: “How does LASIK work?” and “What are the risks?”

Dr. Wallerstein says the LASIK procedure uses a precise excimer laser to reshape the cornea of the eye. He says the cornea is reshaped in a way that will correct your prescription.

With regards to risks, Dr. Wallerstein says the risks are minimal and extremely rare. He says laser vision correction is one of the safest elective medical procedures.Patients may experience dry eyes and/or visual fluctuations, but these side-effects are typically temporary.

Dr. Wallerstein also points out that the risk of having an eye infection is far greater for someone who wears contact lenses over the course of their life, than someone who has laser vision correction.

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