Are the results achieved from LASIK permanent?

The effects of the LASIK procedure are permanent. However, it is important to realize that a person's eye can still change internally. That is why many vision correction surgeons recommend having the procedure done after the major eye changes have occurred in one's life. For instance, LASIK eye surgery is not recommended on children because their eyes change a great deal and their vision would need to be fine-tuned in a few years. If the procedure is performed after the age of 18, the chance of long-term stable correction is more likely. Even the eyes of patients over the age of 18 can still change. Therefore, we recommend a good conversation with your eye surgeon so that they can review the changes you have undergone and, if applicable; they can help you make a decision in regards to whether or not you should wait until the changes have slowed down.

Patients should also note that while results are usually stable, they can be modified by enhancement procedures – procedures performed after the initial one – if necessary.