Why Choose Canada?

Join the thousands of people who have come to Canada and LASIK MD to benefit from the latest laser eye surgery technology from world-renowned doctors!

Canada is a world leader in laser eye surgery. Did you know that Canada is one of the first places in the world where laser eye surgery was performed? Newer, safer and more advanced laser technologies typically become available in Canada several years before they do in other countries. At LASIK MD, we have the latest laser technologies as well as world-renowned doctors in clinics across Canada.

Here are many more reasons why people from all over the world choose LASIK MD as Canada’s leading laser vision correction team:

  • Canadian laser eye surgeons are world-renowned for their experience and expertise. Canada is a world leader in affordable, high quality health care.
  • The cost of laser eye surgery in Canada is more reasonable and affordable. This is due to a favorable exchange rate on the Canadian dollar, the lack of laser royalty fees in Canada, and the cost-effective economies of scale that are achieved in a sub-specialized centre with many patients.
  • Canadian surgeons use the latest 6th generation laser technology approved by Health and Welfare Canada.
  • Canada was first to utilize state-of-the-art keratome (creates corneal flap during LASIK) technology.

To top it off, Canada is a beautiful place to visit; each of our clinics is located in a city with its unique charm with an abundance of attractions, activities and entertainment. Canada is appreciated for its diversity and has something to suit every taste.

People have traveled from all over the world to have their laser eye surgery at LASIK MD. See where our patients have traveled from.

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