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May 2007
Opening of LASIK MD Quebec

March 2007
Opening of LASIK MD Winnipeg

October 2006
Opening of LASIK MD Syracuse Our first LASIK MD laser eye surgery location in the USA.

April 2006
Opening of LASIK MD Edmonton

March 2006
Opening of LASIK MD Brossard

March 2006
Opening of LASIK MD London

December 2005
Opening of LASIK MD Halifax

September 2005
Opening of LASIK MD Laval

January 2005
LASIK MD – Official Sponsor of the Montreal Impact

January 2005
LASIK MD Welcomes Patients from Around the World

September 2004
Opening of CATARACT MD

May 2004
Opening of LASIK MD Vancouver

April 2004
Opening of LASIK MD Windsor

March 2004
Opening of LASIK MD Kingston

January 2004
Opening of LASIK MD Ottawa

December 2003
Opening of LASIK MD Calgary

September 2002
Dr. Pierre Demers is invited to present his findings on the use of Mitomycin C and on Buttonhole Flaps for the Russian Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery in Moscow, Russia.

May 2002
Dr. Pierre Demers participates as a panellist on the subject of complicated cases in refractive surgery at the University of Montreal.

October 2001
LASIK MD surgeon Dr. Mark J. Cohen performs first laser vision correction procedure using Bausch & Lomb's Zero Compression Hansatome Keratome and Zyoptix Cutsom Wavefront LASIK Dr. Mark J. Cohen of LASIK MD, one of the leading refractive surgeons in the w

June 2001
Doctors Demers, Cohen, and Wallerstein publish study in Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci entitled "LASIK-Treated Hyperopia and Hyperopic Astigmatism with the Bausch & Lomb 217C Laser”

November 1999
Doctors Wallerstein and Cohen hold Advanced LASIK courses for international refractive surgeons. Doctors Avi Wallerstein and Mark Cohen hold the first of a series of international Advanced LASIK courses (A-LASIK) for experienced international LASIK surgeo

January 1999
First high volume LASIK clinic opens in Montreal. Drs. Wallerstein and Cohen open the first high volume LASIK clinic in Montreal, performing in excess of 400 procedures per month. The Montreal clinic is the second clinic to offer Total Cornea LASIK, using

September 1998
First high volume laser vision correction clinic opens in Toronto. Drs. Cohen and Wallerstein open the first high volume (greater than 400 procedures per month) LASIK clinic in Eastern Canada and the second in North America. This Toronto clinic is the fir

December 1997
Dr. Avi Wallerstein performs first "Total Cornea LASIK" procedure. Dr. Avi Wallerstein, LASIK MD surgeon, was the first ophthalmologist to use the "Total Cornea LASIK" treatment in Canada. This new approach to traditional LASIK procedures was designed to
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