The Toronto International Film Festival Is a Must See – Here’s Why!

Posted on 2013/09/11 at 9:18 am by LASIK MD

I’m a film festival geek. I’m addicted to the flutters of anticipation when the lights go down, the sound filling the room, and the colours bursting on screen, and I get to see brand new films in packed theaters. Whether I’m looking to see an Oscar contender, a European art film, or an indie Asian flick, the Toronto International Film Festival always has a treat in store for audiences. Afterwards, I usually rave to my friends about the up-and-coming hits, not to mention the celebrity sightings!

The Toronto International Film Festival finishes this week. As the most popular festival in North America, it’s on par with Cannes and is influential in creating Oscar buzz. Here are three things about TIFF you can get excited about, and why having clear vision makes it even better.

1. The Movies.

TIFF prides itself on its programming. Its programmers curate 18 programs covering six continents. For example, the Wavelengths program pushes the boundaries of what we call cinema. The City to City program focuses on exciting international cities; this year it’s Athens. Midnight Madness is your one-stop shop for midnight screenings of horror and fantasy flicks. Let’s also not forget the Masters and Discovery programs, which exhibit the maestros and future visionary directors, respectively. With over 300 films screened, there’s more than enough for every taste.

2. The Celebs.

Last year Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes, Javier Bardem, Emile Hirsch, Nina Dobrev, and countless others posed on the red carpet. The hefty number of film premieres means even more celebrity sightings, but the premieres aren’t the only way to spot movie stars; even celebrities have to eat! Check out some of the hot restaurants and bars in Toronto, such as Bistro 990 (which Sean Penn’s known to frequent) or Canadian Ellen Page’s favourite, Sweaty Betty’s. Don’t forget your camera.

3. The Events.

A personal favourite is the Mavericks events, where on-stage discussions with film industry professionals and stars enlighten us about the film business. There are also dozens of high-profile parties with musical acts and special guests hosted all around the city. See if you can swing an invitation!

See TIFF with Your Own Eyes

Whether you want to see a film, spot a celebrity, or attend an event, it’s all about seeing at TIFF. Having crystal clear vision is therefore very important. How annoying is it when you forget your glasses at a movie, or when your contacts make you squint to see the screen? It’s almost as annoying as when a tall person sits in front of you and obstructs your view. Tall people in theatres may be out of your control, but having great eyesight isn’t. Laser vision correction may be a solution if you want to see and experience TIFF with truly clear vision.

TIFF is the perfect place to see a range of enlightening films, look for stars in Toronto, and get an inside scoop on the industry — all with your own eyes!

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