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Top 10 Reasons to Ditch Your Contacts

Posted on 2013/09/17 at 11:33 am by LASIK MD

For years I struggled with contact lenses. My lifestyle was too active for glasses, but contacts turned out to be pure trouble. Eventually, I made the decision to undergo a LASIK procedure to improve my vision. Here are the top 10 reasons you should lose the lenses, too.

1. Dry Eyes

It’s 10 p.m. and you’ve been looking at your computer for hours. You close your eyes for a second and you feel like they are literally glued to the inside of your eyelids. You want to take your lenses out for sweet relief, but you have no idea where you left your glasses.

2. Sand Under Your Contacts

You’re enjoying a beautiful day at the beach when a gust of wind and an overactive toddler combine forces to whip some sand in your eyes. Thanks to your lenses, a grain or two stays there, scratching away at your cornea all day.

3. Swimming

Remember when you were little and you could swim with your eyes open, enjoying the weird, glinting texture of light filtering down? Try that now and you’ll lose a lens.

4. Sleeping Away From Home

You’re tired and decide to crash at a friend’s house. Just before going to bed you realize you don’t have your glasses, extra contacts, or solution. Have fun sleeping with your contacts in so you can get home in the morning, if you can open your eyes at all.

5. Expense

Contact lenses are really expensive. Do the calculation yourself: A lifetime worth of contacts and solution compared to a one-off cost for a permanent LASIK procedure. It’s pretty clear LASIK is better value for your money.

6. Hassle

You wake up late for work (you think, you can’t really read the alarm clock) and run into the bathroom to put your contacts in. Because you’re rushing, one falls into the sink and sticks to some toothpaste. Does your eye like the minty, refreshing flavour?

7. Oxygen Deprivation

Since you place contact lenses over your cornea, they can block the supply of vital oxygen to the eye. It can bring out small, red veins in your eyes, and lead to vision problems and even corneal ulcers.

8. Losing a Lens in Your Eye

Has this ever happened to you, where it floats up somewhere into your eye? You’re unsure where exactly it is, but you know it just feels terrible.

9. Camping

You’re sleeping out in a tent with no running water, so you put some hand sanitizer on to kill the bacteria. It never fully evaporates, and when you put the first lens in your eye you end up crying from the burn of alcohol. There’s probably also some grit you didn’t get off your hands.

10. Infection

Studies have shown that wearing hard contact lenses or ones that aren’t properly cared for can lead to eye infections and permanent damage.

Don’t take the risk with your eyes. Book a LASIK consultation today to see if a procedure is right for you.

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