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The 2013 June Solstice Celebration

Posted on 2013/06/21 at 8:38 am by LASIK MD

On Friday, June 21, the northern hemisphere enjoyed its longest day of the year, followed by the June solstice, which marks the first day of summer.

There were many must see events across Canada. The Junction Summer Solstice Festival in Toronto offered a full day of activities and events including music, workshops, and a night flea market. People were dancing the night away at the Old Port in Montreal during the Red Bull solstice event. And in Vancouver, thousands of people took a slightly different approach to the celebration during the Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival, where competitors raced traditional Chinese dragon boats through False Creek.

What made this year’s June solstice particularly special was the fact that, after the sun finally set, the night sky was lit up by what is known as a supermoon. This happens when a full moon coincides with its closest orbital approach to Earth, creating a seemingly bigger and brighter satellite.

If you had trouble seeing the moon in this spectacular state, or you found yourself squinting at the stage as your favourite band performed at a festival over the weekend, you should consider a LASIK MD consultation. When you have perfect vision, you never have to miss any of life’s special moments.

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