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    Eye care tips for skiers

    Feb 16, • 1924 Views • SportsNo Comments

    While some people head indoors when frigid winds come around, others wait all year for snow to fall. For winter sports enthusiasts, dropping temperatures are a sure sign it’s time to prepare for a season of cold weather adventures. Skiing is among the... Read more...

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    Don’t sweat it: 3 new ways to get fit

    Oct 14, • 1314 Views • SportsNo Comments

    Whether you consider yourself a fitness nut or you’re just getting into the gym scene, it can be tough picking the workout that’s right for you. Different workouts help you shed weight or bulk up, which is why so many people just stick to the... Read more...

  • Go where no skier has gone before.

    3 extreme sports you can’t do with glasses

    Oct 9, • 1535 Views • SportsNo Comments

    Hockey might be Canada’s national pastime, but even that can get old after a while. In fact, if you consider yourself an adrenaline junkie, odds are you’ve been searching for some outdoor activity that gets your blood pumping and your heart... Read more...

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    How strong are hockey visors?

    Apr 17, • 3768 Views • SportsNo Comments

    Considering everything we know today about concussions and facial injuries, the fact that hockey players used to skate around without any kind of head protection seems like a piece of fiction. Concussions were just “getting your bell rung” and... Read more...

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    Improving Hand Eye Coordination: Quick Tips

    Jul 31, • 5012 Views • SportsNo Comments

    Hand eye coordination is fundamental to human learning...

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    Blurry Vision: A Major Obstacle to Success in Sports

    Jun 2, • 4029 Views • SportsNo Comments

    Blurry vision is a potential hindrance in several different facets of life. Blurry vision can be absolute anathema to success on the field, court, or rink... Read more...