See How This Surf Instructor is Making Waves with LASIK

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Kinesiologist and personal trainer Catherine Marquis decided to undergo laser vision correction to reduce her dependence on contact lenses. The decision came not long after she left Canada for Costa Rica so she could spend her days surfing. Now, in the city of Tamarind, Catherine manages a surf camp and retreat. Discover how she is embracing her #lasiklife to the fullest with each passing wave!

An Ocean of Opportunity

Catherine has always loved to travel. One trip, however, was particularly life-changing: She first visited Costa Rica in 2014. While on that trip, Catherine felt drawn to the country; something about it already felt like home.

“I knew I was going to live there one day,” she says. She fell in love with the country, its warm people, irresistible climate and breathtaking views. But it was Costa Rica’s endless beaches that were most persuasive: Plenty of waves meant a potential to surf.

At that point in her life, Catherine was still relatively new to the sport. She first picked up a surfboard in the United States and, at that moment, she says she became hooked. Instantly.

“I didn’t have a clue what I was doing [back then],” she says. “I was just trying to stand up on my board.”

She instinctively knew that it was a sport she could excel at. When still living in Montreal, she got her fix surfing in the St. Laurence River. But summers only last so long in Quebec, and her need for sea was growing stronger by the day. Before long, she sold her car, broke her lease, packed her bags and booked a one-way ticket to Costa Rica.

Since her move, Catherine’s kept busy sharing her passion with others. She opened a surf camp and retreat, enabling her to pair a love of fitness and health with her newfound favourite sport. Leaving Canada and trying something new was a huge step for her—but Catherine took the leap. Finally, she felt free—free to live the life she wanted while doing the things she loved to do. All that was missing, however, was freedom from glasses and contacts.

On (Surf)board for LASIK

With surfing, an athlete must be in both great physical and mental shape to perform their best. That much Catherine knew. But what she didn’t anticipate was how important having strong, stable vision was in order to excel at the sport. Her contact lenses would irritate her eyes when salty waters would splash up in her face, and she couldn’t open her eyes underwater. And as for wearing glasses?

Not even an option, she discovered, given how one wave could easily wash them off her face. For those reasons and more, Catherine decided that it was finally time to go ahead with LASIK.

Since undergoing LASIK, Catherine has never felt freer. “I can focus more on my body, without even thinking about what’s going to happen to my eyes.”

Plus, Costa Rica looks even more breathtaking with clear vision! Not only is she able to see incoming waves crisply, but she adds that her new home has never looked more beautiful.

“The first time I surfed after the procedure was when I realized my life was totally different,” says Catherine. “I could see the details of the palm trees from so far away. I was so amazed by it all that I even asked my friend if they were seeing the same things as me.” She adds that having strong vision is especially important when teaching other people how to surf. She stresses the importance of needing to see everything that’s around, without any distractions—like getting saltwater in the eyes.

“Having perfect vision in a perfect place is the perfect fit,” says Catherine. Now that my vision is good, I can enjoy life and this beautiful country more than ever.”

Much like Catherine, there’s just no telling where your #lasiklife will lead you to! Book your free, no-obligation consultation and discover freedom from glasses and contacts!

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