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“Growing up, there was always music in the house,” says Stephen Richter, guitarist of Eleven Past One. Stephen, a classically-trained musician, teamed up with his brother and some friends to form the band and they’ve been at it ever since! Recently, this musician underwent LASIK. The results, he says, have been nothing short of life-changing. Read on and discover just how this pop star is having it all, and living his #lasiklife!

Get To Know Eleven Past One

Strangely enough, a fire at Stephen’s high school actually led to the formation of Eleven Past One! Stephen was in the tenth grade when this incident occurred. The school sent its students home early, but because he and his brother, Daniel, lived far, they wound up at a friend’s place instead. That friend, Steve, had drums and guitars at his house, so the teens started jamming—and before they knew it, a new band was in the works.

Deciding to take things seriously, Eleven Past One left their hometown, Bowmanville, Ontario for the United States. They hitched a 35 ft. trailer to the back of their car, and drove around, performing in small venues. They lived out of the trailer and survived without electricity for months, subsisting principally on macaroni and cheese.

But as the adage says, hard work pays off. Eventually, Eleven Past One teamed up with producer Brian Howes (who has worked with bands like Hedley, Simple Plan and Nickelback). This partnership produced their first single and hit, “The World is Ours,” which garnered comparisons to popular artists like One Direction and The Wanted. Recently, they teamed up with the Family Channel as the faces of the network’s anti-bullying campaign, putting their song “I’m Ready” at the centre of the initiative. Their latest album, “The World is Ours”, came out in 2014 and next up, Stephen says big things are in the works with a new single due out sometime in spring of 2016.

Finely Tuned Vision

Long days of touring, performing, photo shoots and music videos gets hard on the eyes, which is what made Stephen realize that enough was enough. Since making that call, he says he can’t help but feel like he’s really, truly having it all.

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve been wearing glasses. I’ve had bad eyesight since the fifth grade,” Stephen says. “And the whole time I was wearing them, I hated them.” He first met with LASIK MD’s team of eye care professionals at the Whitby clinic and underwent his procedure in Toronto.

In addition to enjoying the complimentary coffee provided by LASIK MD, Stephen says the overall experience exceeded expectations, professional and painless—he said he’d do it again in a heartbeat. Since then, he loves his post-LASIK life, and is continually amazed at his eyesight’s clarity. “I still can’t believe what things look like when I look out the window. It’s so nice to look up at the sky and see the stars so clearly,” he says. “It’s like a miracle.”

Stephen continues to praise the overall procedure, and his LASIK MD experience. “LASIK has changed things up for me, especially with flying and touring in my contacts lenses,” he says. LASIK has offered him a sense of freedom he didn’t previously know: From spending time at the cottage with friends to working out at the gym, he’s able to fully enjoy and embrace each day. Stephen has also purchased an undeniably sweet ride, a Ford Mustang GT California Special (which fans can peep on his Instagram account). Driving has been made even better because now, he can slip on his shades and doesn’t have to worry about putting his contacts on first.

To this young, talented musician, getting LASIK didn’t just help to improve his career as a performer, but it enhanced the quality of his everyday living, too. Now, he can do the things he loves to do while finding freedom every day from the hassles of glasses and contacts.

“For me, having it all means doing what I love to do,” he says.

You deserve to have it all, too! Why wait? Start living your #lasiklife! Book your FREE, no obligation consultation today and see how life begins with LASIK.

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