See How LASIK Helps this Snowboarder Go for the Gold

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Get to know Maxence Parrot’s name because it’s destined to be a household one. At just age 21, this professional snowboarder has carved out quite the career for himself, having competed on some of the world’s top courses at some of snowboarding’s biggest competitions. At the 2016 Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado, he conquered the big air event to take home the gold medal. Plus, an outgoing attitude and thrill-seeking lifestyle has earned him quite the following on social media, making him one of the more popular personalities of the sport. Recently, Maxence decided to get laser vision correction to improve his eyesight. Read on to learn more about this LASIK MD patient’s exciting story—and see just how he’s living his #lasiklife!

Meet Maxence.

How many people are lucky enough to say that their lifelong passion also happens to be their job? Maxence gets to live his dream every time he slips on his boots, hops on his board and takes to the hills. Growing up in Bromont, Quebec, he took up snowboarding at just nine years old. Today, the young athlete competes mainly in slopestyle and big air. And he’s proven himself to be quite a contender, having participated in a lengthy list of international competitions. He’s a four-time Winter X Games medal winner and placed fifth overall in the Men’s Slopestyle Final at the 2014 Olympic Games. Although his snowboarding career is just taking off, he is already being touted a pioneer in the game. Case in point: In 2015, he was the first-ever snowboarder to land the switch quadruple underflip, a trick that entails four (yes, four) back flips and a half spin. “It took a year to build the perfect jump, and when it was ready, so was I,” says the athlete. On April 20, 2015, in Whistler, BC, the young snowboarder finally made it happen. “I stomped it right away,” he says proudly. “It was my first try.”

When it comes to jumps, Maxence loves the thrill of doing tricks he’s never done before. “What really drives me is when the adrenaline is pumping and your heart is pounding,” he says.

That feeling, he says, paired with hard work, make for a winning combination. During the winter, this pro-athlete spends his time training on the mountain, usually from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. To the average person, this workout schedule might sound gruelling, Maxence finds it anything but: “The more time I spend on my snowboard, the happier I am,” he says.

And while training and competitions make up the bulk of his winter, the hard work doesn’t end when the snow melts. He stays busy in the off-season by hitting the gym regularly, perfecting his jumps on the trampoline. While summer in Canada means poolside lounging for most, Maxence (happily) spends the season in Australia, where it’s winter, to enjoy all that the country’s snowy ski-hills have to offer.  And as for his downtime, his hobbies keep him active: He plays golf, tennis and enjoys wakeboarding and skateboarding, too. You can find out all about his on-and-off-duty adventures on his social media accounts: He’s got over 13, 000 followers on Twitter and nearly 50, 000 on Instagram. With talent, determination and an undeniable lust-for-life, Maxence clearly has all the makings of a champion.

Vision That Wins

After deciding he wanted freedom from the hassle of glasses and contacts, Maxence met with Eye Care Professionals at LASIK MD back in 2012. This game-changing decision has since helped him excel in the sport. Before LASIK, the snowboarder felt that he was falling behind top athletes. “Now, I’m doing tricks that I’ve never done before,” he says boldly. And with clear vision following the procedure, he can keep his eye on what matters most: The prize.

Being number one takes creativity: “You’ve got to uncover new ways to train that’ll get you better, faster, and stronger results,” says Maxence. Having great vision, he says, is vital, because it helps him feel confident in determining the right speed and rotation on a given course. “[Eyesight] is really important in snowboarding, because there’s never a jump that’s the same distance or height, so you need to see what you’re up against.”

Maxence is proud of his achievements. But with a rigorous training schedule and many competitions ahead to be won, he’s still (and always will be) hungry for more success. “If you want to be the best, you’ve got to keep pushing the limits,” he says.

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