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    5 foods that support strong vision

    Nov 30, • 2420 Views • LifestyleNo Comments

    For many people, eating healthy is all about maintaining a trim waistline. But while it’s good to watch your weight, it’s not the only aspect of your body that benefits from a nutritious diet – your vision is also impacted by the foods... Read more...

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    6 apps you need to plan and pack for any trip

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    ...

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    Your Guide to 24 Hours in NYC for Less Than $300

    Jul 8, • 6183 Views • LifestyleNo Comments

    More than ever, you can travel to any city your wanderlust takes you. The best sites and scenes happen to be in some of the world’s most eclectic cities. New York City is one of those metropolises! If you’re full of energy and have a few hundred... Read more...

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    Your LASIK Life Starts With This Summer’s Best Music Festivals

    Jun 16, • 7026 Views • LifestyleNo Comments

    Contacts and glasses seem like minor hassles if you’ve been wearing them for years, but when you finally make the change to laser vision correction, you just might realize how much you’ve been missing. Living the LASIK life means not being tied... Read more...

  • LMD_Blog_Night_Vision

    How does night vision work?

    Apr 22, • 2320 Views • LifestyleNo Comments

    Many people would say that vision is their most important sense, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that various technologies have been developed around maintaining and even enhancing good eyesight. Laser vision correction is one of the most well-known... Read more...

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    5 animals with the worst vision

    Apr 21, • 24572 Views • LifestyleNo Comments

    For every majestic eagle and elegant horse that Mother Nature gives us to marvel at, there are animals that don’t boast quite as impressive abilities. Evolution has given every animal a purpose and the tools to achieve it, but that hasn’t saved a... Read more...