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Life Begins With LASIK

Posted on 2015/07/23 at 2:26 pm by LASIK MD

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, then you know the deal—you can’t live without them, because without them, you can’t see properly. Their everyday role means you’ve grown so accustomed to them that you’re immune to the hassle they present. And maybe you thought wearing them was your only option towards improving your eyesight but then a life-changing procedure like LASIK comes along and, suddenly, the possibility of ridding yourself from space-taking glasses cases and expensive contact solution becomes a reality. In fact, when you do take the leap and choose LASIK, you’ll love the results so much that you’ll wonder how you functioned otherwise. LASIK surgery is about more than just about improving your vision, it’s about freedom. Put those summers spent fumbling around with glasses or contacts behind you because the future’s looking clear.

Glasses hassles
Summer. Say the word and you’re instantly transported to thoughts of sun, ice cream and poolside hangs. But when you wear glasses or contacts lenses, going for a swim requires careful thought about what to do with them first. Contact lens-wearers need goggles to avoid irritation when dunking their head underwater while glasses-wearers have to take them off and find a safe spot for them to avoid losing them or breaking them.

Rest your case

One of the main concerns with contact lenses is their care case. Because summer is the season of being active outdoors, there’s a greater risk for having your lenses slip out.  And while you might think that all it takes is a hard hit to force a lens out, it can even come out when doing moderate activity. If it does fall out, looking for it on the ground isn’t very much fun and so is cleaning up the lens with solution before putting it back in your eye to avoid serious—and painful—infection. And if you bring your lens-carrying case to the beach or on an extended hiking trip, it must be kept in an impeccably clean, temperature-controlled environment. Even just a smidgen of dirt can tamper with the sterility, upping the risk of eye infections—and, trust us, getting one of those can seriously spoil your summer.

Consider this, too: You’ll need to pack enough solution to last for the whole trip. The solution must also be kept in a cool, dry place. Its storage requirements can be limiting, especially if you’re planning on a summer excursion that’s off the beaten path and under a sweltering sun. Even if you manage to find a suitable place to store the solution, it can prove difficult to provide your contacts with the proper cleaning. That tends to counter the “free to do whatever you like” sales pitch that contact lens sales are predicated on.

Keep it cool
Sunglasses are more than just a forever-cool fashion statement. They can shield your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. If you’re attending a music festival this summer (like any of these) then you’ll likely be spending a lot of time in the great outdoors.

At a day-long event, prescription sunglasses mean carrying around a little extra weight. You want to be sure to make the best use of all available storage in either your purse or pockets, and having an extra case prevents you from doing so.

Come summer, want to know the best way (and only) way to achieve true freedom from contact lenses and contacts? The answer is simple: LASIK provides you with a catch-all solution, and a life void of annoying glasses and fussy contact lenses.

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