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Posted on 2013/07/29 at 10:28 am by LASIK MD

Eye care is a daily challenge for people living in impoverished countries. Around the world, an adult goes blind every five seconds-a child goes blind every minute. The good news is 80% of blindness is avoidable. Trachoma is the number one infectious cause of blindness in the world. Very common in developing countries, it’s an eye infection that is transmitted by flies. Fortunately, with proper sanitation and education, we can prevent this horrible eye disease.

In 2011 LASIK MD implemented a new initiative aimed at supporting this cause. Through a nationwide per pay donation program, LASIK MD’s employees are helping to raise funds to help combat trachoma in impoverished regions of the world. LASIK MD is also matching all funds raised through the employee donation program. Funds raised went towards Operation Eyesight’s Narok Trachoma Project , a program aimed at helping a district in Kenya, where trachoma affects 30% of the population. This program implements the SAFE strategy: Surgery, Antibiotics, Face-washing and Environmental infrastructure. Since the beginning of the program, Operation Eyesight has created 51 water points, where local residents can access clean water.

Throughout the district the prevalence of trachoma has dropped dramatically, and in the village of Ongata Naado, where the first bore hole was drilled, trachoma has ceased to be a problem. Similar results are expected in other communities.

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