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Is LASIK Worth It? The 20/20 Proposition

Posted on 2013/12/20 at 9:41 am by LASIK MD

The 20/20 Proposition

Is LASIK worth it? No other question is as critical if you’re considering this laser eye correction procedure. Costs are important, as are the specifics of your vision condition and which type of LASIK is best for you. However, information in isolation isn’t enough. You need bigger-picture data. When all is said and done, does this 20/20 proposition really deliver?

First Steps

If you’re fed up with the daily hassles of glasses and contacts like I was, then no doubt you’ve considered laser vision correction. I didn’t know much about it at first, so I did some research and talked to friends who’d had the procedure; this bolstered my confidence. My friends recommended LASIK MD, mostly because their results were great, the prices were competitive and the staff and surgeon were friendly and professional. I discovered online that LASIK MD clinics are equipped with the latest, proven technology. The Bausch and Lomb Z100 and the WaveLight Allegretto laser for example, are two of the biggest names in the industry. They are able to perform Advanced Custom Wavefront LASIK which provide a correction closer to the natural shape of your cornea, leading to improved day and night vision. The doctors were also highly trained, all with many years experience in the field of ophthalmology. 

It was the testimony of friends and family that helped push me forward. All had positive experiences with LASIK MD, and they talked about the simple, ten-minute procedure, quick healing time, and long-term results. I took a deep breath, said goodbye to my glasses, and went for it.

The Eyes Have It

I had a lot on my mind heading into the procedure but was reassured by the fact that I had a great surgeon, and the staff made me feel at ease. 

Immediately after the procedure, my vision was a little blurry, I went home and and slept while making sure to follow the drop instructions. The day after the procedure was amazing! I could see. At first it was strange to be without my glasses, but that quickly faded as I realized I was free: no more keeping track of cases, cleaning lenses every night, and driving with eyes squinted for better focus because I was too cheap for prescription sunglasses. All the little things I’d done to work around my vision problems were suddenly no longer necessary. By the end of the first month, I forgot what it was like to wear glasses and began to take for granted how accurate and crisp my vision had become. It wasn’t a matter of justifying LASIK because it helped me get a job or freed me from wearing glasses — the procedure was worth it because it fundamentally changed my life.

Is LASIK worth it? Only you can answer that question. But I can tell you this much: I don’t think about the procedure, the price, the laser, the doctors, or the quick healing — I’m too busy seeing the world in a different way.

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