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LASIK Laser: A Miraculous Evolution in Vision Correction

Posted on 2013/07/02 at 10:59 am by LASIK MD

LASIK laser vision correction is a refractive procedure that uses an excimer laser to reshape the cornea of your eye to correct common vision problems such as farsightedness (hyperopia), nearsightedness (myopia), and astigmatism. As the procedure has become more specialized, the safety and effectiveness of the excimer lasers used in the process have also progressed.

Excimer lasers basically remove very small, microscopic amounts of corneal tissue with astounding accuracy and without damaging the surrounding tissue. There are a number of FDA-approved lasers that can be used in LASIK laser vision correction procedures. LASIK MD carries the latest generation lasers from the world leaders in LASIK lasers, including Bausch & Lomb, Visx, Allegretto Wavelight and Abbott Medical Optics (AMO). Which one of these lasers will work best for you generally depends on your specific vision problem. It can also depend on the size of your pupils and the thickness of your cornea. A LASIK eye care professional will recommend which laser is most appropriate given your requirements.

The latest lasers also have computer programmed, or automated, eye-tracking systems that track eye movement to keep the laser beam targeted during surgery. Your doctor will program the excimer laser with your specific requirements prior to the procedure.

When you go in for your appointment, the important thing to remember is that the lasers used by LASIK MD are FDA-approved and highly specialized to give you a safe and effective corneal correction.

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