LASIK has 20 years

LASIK has been around for over 20 years

Posted on 2013/05/25 at 12:42 pm by LASIK MD

Many people think LASIK is still a new medical procedure, but in fact, the first LASIK procedure was performed 23 years ago.

The LASIK procedure evolved from a combination of two older procedures: PRK (photo refractive keratectomy) and Keratomileusis. In 1990, Dr. Ioannis Pallikaris of Greece discovered that by combining these two techniques, one could achieve advanced precision and increased success rates, along with reduced risks and comfortable healing. He called the procedure LASIK, which stands for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis.

The development and subsequent approval of LASIK as a procedure has revolutionized refractive surgery. Today, tens of millions of people have had LASIK surgery worldwide. In Canada, approximately 90% of laser vision correction patients undergo LASIK, while 10% undergo PRK. Because of LASIK’s benefits, it has become the “procedure of choice” for laser vision correction. Since LASIK was first performed in 1990, Canada has been an international leader in the development of technological breakthroughs and safety features, contributing to the adoption of LASIK as a procedure that provides excellent results and an outstanding record of safety. LASIK MD’s surgeons were among the first in North America to use eye trackers, to perform Custom Wavefront treatments, to use “thin flap” microkeratomes, and to perform Topo-guided treatments.

Over the past 23 years, LASIK technology has proven to be reliable, safe and effective. There has truly never been a better time to have LASIK surgery.

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