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What LASIK Feels Like: A Whole New World

Posted on 2013/12/13 at 10:23 am by LASIK MD

I have been asked what LASIK feels like by many close friends and acquaintances. I rave to them about my vision correction experience and I honestly always tell them that it feels like “a whole new world.” My thoroughly positive experience with LASIK is why I speak superlatively of its beneficial effect on my life and vision.

Five years ago, I was a typical, half-blind law student. I would often walk along law school corridors struggling to recognize classmates and friends, not to mention being barely able to detect what my professors were jotting down on the blackboard in class. I tried contacts but hated putting them in my eyes each morning. Plus, they increasingly irritated my eyes as I performed the daily student routine of reading, outlining, and staring into a laptop screen to log my daily class notes. I had a pair of eyeglasses but was very self-conscious about wearing them in public. 

I was not sure what to do about my difficult situation until I made the proactive decision to get LASIK. It ended up being one of the best decisions of my life. Following the LASIK procedure, my vision was better than new. The results were immediate; within a few hours of the procedure, I opened my eyes to see a whole new world. In fact, the very next day I felt like a superhero while driving my car and being able to see road signs clearly without squinting and without having to wear my glasses. The feeling was almost too good to describe in words.

My self-confidence also grew because I was not only able to recognize friends from a distance at law school and in social situations but also felt more comfortable approaching strangers, confident that I looked better without wearing my glasses. Not for the world would I take back my decision to get LASIK, and to this day, I am eternally grateful for all the things this truly miraculous procedure has reintroduced into my life by means of acute sight.

If you are really curious about what LASIK feels like, I would recommend that you go ahead and see for yourself.

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