how much does lasik cost

How much does LASIK cost? The Affordability of Improved Eyesight

Posted on 2013/06/25 at 11:46 am by LASIK MD

Laser vision correction may sound expensive. Just seeing the word “laser” can make you think there’s no way you could possibly afford the price of such leading-edge technology. When considering the benefits of LASIK, you will inevitably ask yourself a critical question: How much does LASIK cost?

Seeing is Believing

Typical LASIK MD pricing—which includes an eyesight evaluation, standard LASIK or PRK procedures, and the first year of post-operative care—starts at $490 per eye. During your consultation, your procedure will be discussed in-depth and each eye assessed to determine what type of corrective care will produce the best results. Your final price will reflect the treatment options that suit your needs and provide optimal benefits for your vision.

In addition to a low introductory cost, LASIK pricing also comes with several fringe benefits. First is sales tax; no provincial sales tax or GST is assessed on any vision correction from LASIK MD. In addition, the lowest price guarantee means if you can find a competitor with a better price for comparable services and technology, you’ll receive the matched price plus $100 off the total cost. You can also rest easy thanks to the 20/20 Vision Commitment—whereby LASIK MD is commits to helping you achieve 20/20 vision or your procedure is free.

What You’re Paying Right Now

If you’re thinking about LASIK, chances are you wear glasses or contacts—and that means you’re already spending money. Even with help from your health care plan, you’re paying $200, $300, or $500 every few years for new glasses, or handing over $12 to $15 a month for bottles of contact solution, and even more for new contacts each year. Extend that cost over 20 years and you’ve spent far more than the cost of laser vision correction.

How Much Does LASIK Cost?

When you break down the numbers, a LASIK vision correction procedure will cost far less than the corrective eyewear you have now. With low initial pricing, easy financing options, and a commitment to your eye health, LASIK MD isn’t just the latest technology and world class specialists; it’s a life-changing procedure which ultimately pays for itself.

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