Harness the Yoga Lifestyle and LASIK to Empower Your Mind and Body

Posted on 2013/12/18 at 3:38 pm by LASIK MD

My New Yoga Lifestyle

I’m new to the yoga lifestyle. My second class ever was last night, but I can already tell that yoga is going to help my body and mind in the short and long term. I hadn’t ever given yoga much thought until the trend started growing around me. A neighbour started studying and teaching it, then a friend started telling me how good she feels after yoga class, and then my mom tried it for her aches and pains. I didn’t try it for myself until I started having trouble breathing (I think from stress). After just two sessions, my breathing and flexibility have gotten better; although I’m sore, it’s the type of soreness that tells me my body is saying thank you, not “stop doing that.” I’m already looking forward to my next session. Now the only thing I need is some yoga clothing from Lululemon that can withstand the sweat.

lululemon — Loving Mind and Body, Together

The yoga lifestyle is about the intersection of mind and body. A fellow Canadian company, Lululemon, embraces this by recognizing how the right clothing can help. Their manifesto is full of powerful declarations such as “breathe deeply and appreciate the moment” and “what you do to the earth you do to yourself,” and their technical athletic apparel is designed for sweat, letting you “treat your clothes with the same tough love you give your workouts.” The company has revolutionized yoga apparel not only by designing clothing with the right fabrics, but also by advocating that it’s about more than just the clothes. For example, they hold complimentary yoga classes led by community ambassadors as well as events such as goal-setting workshops and self-defence. I love that they focus on this kind of empowerment.

Yoga and LASIK

LASIK, too, can be seen as the intersection of mind and body. You want your vision, as a physical attribute, to connect with who you are on the inside. If you can’t see well, there’s a disconnect. With yoga, for example, if you can’t see your instructor demonstrate the right positions, it’s harder to reach that inner unity and center yourself. LASIK eliminates the need for pesky glasses or contacts so you can be closer to your true self, both physically and spiritually, when you’re deep in yoga poses. So, get LASIK and get empowered!

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