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Google Glasses and Prescription Glasses?

Posted on 2013/08/28 at 9:31 am by LASIK MD

If you’ve ever wanted to take a picture or video of whatever you are seeing at any moment, or access weather forecasts, maps and directions right in front of your eyes, Google glasses could be for you.

Google Glass, as it is officially known, is a futuristic headset that offers an augmented reality experience by using a tethered smartphone to move apps from your fingertips to your eye. They are the next step in ubiquitous wearable computing—the concept of incorporating easily accessed technology into everyday life.

With voice control and touch buttons on the side, this slick headset will change the way people use technology, communicate, and carry out business. It can provide map directions overlaid on the actual visual field of the road or provide other information without requiring the wearer to look away to see a device.

If you are a prescription glasses-wearing tech lover, you’re in for disappointment. Google Glass doesn’t currently fit over a pair of regular prescription lenses. Still in its early stages, Google Glass is only available to people in the industry—developers, bloggers, and insiders—as well as the early adopters eager to spend $1,500 on a pair. Google is considering teaming up with a sunglasses manufacturer to incorporate sunglass lenses into the product, but a pair that allows prescription lenses to be installed are likely far in the future (custom-made headsets with prescription lenses have been designed for a few Google employees, but it’s doubtful they’ll be a readily available option for the public any time soon).

If you love new tech and don’t want to be left behind by other Google glasses wearers, consider a LASIK procedure with LASIK MD. Not only will you be able to wear Google Glass worry-free, you’ll also enjoy seeing the alarm clock when you wake up in the morning.

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