Glasses Nightmare: The Beach

Posted on 2013/10/11 at 11:00 am by LASIK MD

Imagine you are headed out to the beach with friends on a perfect summer day. Driving with the windows down and music playing, you come around a turn, and suddenly the sun is shining directly into your eyes. You want to put on sunglasses, but you can’t take off your glasses and drive safely. You try doubling up, sunglasses over regular, but they don’t sit very well, and you look ridiculous. Squinting to block out as much of the sun as you can, you struggle through.

Somehow you make it to the beach, and your friends pile out onto the sand. It’s already hot out and everyone runs to jump in the water. You are faced with a dreaded dilemma: Should you bring your glasses in with you, limiting your ability to swim and risk losing them, or should you go in with blurred vision? Walking around with uncorrected vision always makes you feel uncomfortable—a little out of control and helpless. Add to that swimming in a rough ocean, and suddenly being five feet from the shore gives you the feeling of being stranded at sea, encircled by imaginary sharks and crying for help.

Eventually, your crew retreats from the chilly water, and someone gets out a soccer ball for a casual pickup game. As you run, sweat drips down your face and makes your glasses slip from your nose and bounce around on your face. You stop every couple of seconds to push at the bridge of your nose, but you play on, getting used to it. “Next point wins!” you hear, and you run for the ball. You get there at the same time as another player, and somehow in the collision an elbow swipes your glasses off your face. But you still have the ball and you score! As your friends wander away, high-fiving and joking about the game, you stumble to the ground, feeling around for your glasses. The lenses are basically invisible to you in the sand. Finally you find them—wait, no, just the frame and one lens. The other broke under another player’s foot.

You’ve been meaning to get a spare pair but haven’t because of the cost. For the next week or so, until you can get your glasses fixed, you’ll be wearing around a clumsy monocle, explaining to people in the grocery store that you normally wear lenses for both eyes.

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