• LMD_Blog_LASIKSafety

    Is LASIK Safe? We’ve got the Answers to Your Questions Here!

    May 24, • 2055 Views • LASIK & Vision FactsNo Comments

    “Is laser eye surgery safe?”“What are the risks with this kind of procedure?”“Are there any side effects with LASIK?” These questions—and more—are people’s most common concerns about LASIK. We understand that there are some misconceptions... Read more...

  • LMD_Blog_3_Reasons_Glasses_Dont_Cut_It

    3 situations when glasses and contacts can’t cut it

    Oct 25, • 2071 Views • LASIK & Vision FactsNo Comments

    If you had the bad luck to start losing your vision only a century ago, your one and only option was to get a crudely made pair of glasses, and even that pair would set you back quite a bit. A few decades later, contact lenses started to make their appearance... Read more...

  • LMD_Blog_LASIK_Recovery

    Why do LASIK patients recover so quickly?

    Aug 23, • 1961 Views • LASIK & Vision FactsNo Comments

    Medical interventions of any kind aren’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea. And it’s for this reason that some people don’t even consider the LASIK procedure to be a viable option as many people say they are too scared of the procedure. Others might hear... Read more...

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    How dehydration affects your eye health

    Jul 28, • 7520 Views • LASIK & Vision FactsNo Comments

    By now, you already know about the importance of hydration and the negative impact that being dehydrated can have on your overall health. Read on to learn a little more about how it can affect your eyes, too. The Causes of Dehydration Vomiting, excessive... Read more...

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    All About the Post-LASIK Healing Process

    Jul 25, • 8022 Views • LASIK & Vision FactsNo Comments

    It’s one of the safest elective procedures in modern medicine and is regularly performed by surgeons across Canada. For these reasons—and more—it’s no surprise to see that LASIK has become more popular than ever. And while many prospective patients... Read more...

  • LMD_Blog_LASIKLIFE_Catherine_Marquis

    See How This Surf Instructor is Making Waves with LASIK

    May 27, • 7652 Views • LASIK & Vision FactsNo Comments

    Kinesiologist and personal trainer Catherine Marquis decided to undergo laser vision correction to reduce her dependence on contact lenses. The decision came not long after she left Canada for Costa Rica so she could spend her days surfing. Now, in the city... Read more...