Don’t sweat it: 3 new ways to get fit

Posted on 2015/10/14 at 4:03 pm by LASIK MD

Whether you consider yourself a fitness nut or you’re just getting into the gym scene, it can be tough picking the workout that’s right for you. Different workouts help you shed weight or bulk up, which is why so many people just stick to the traditional gym routine of treadmills, free weights and juice bar.

If you’re really interested in getting fit, though, you should ditch the usual and try out these three workout routines that make fitness work with any lifestyle.

1. High-intensity interval training
Do you only have time to work out during your lunch break? If so, it probably feels like just when you get into a groove at the gym, it’s time to stop, shower and head back to the office.

That’s why high-intensity interval training is becoming so popular, especially in busy cities filled with harried workers, like Toronto or Montreal. GoodLife Fitness explained that HIIT workouts combine short periods of incredibly strenuous activity with rest breaks, and the stop-and-start nature of HIIT helps shock your body into better shape without spending endless hours in the gym.

If you have glasses, though, you’ll have to come up with a comfortable, non-intrusive way to keep them on your head as you’re running around – or, you could just get LASIK and be done with it.

2. PureBarre
What if you’re not really into the muscleheads and spandex of gym culture, but you still care about staying trim? In that case, try a workout that isn’t really a workout at all.

Already a massive hit in the U.S. and currently seeking franchisees in Canada, PureBarre takes the most demanding aspects of ballet training and distills them into a workout focused on toning and increasing flexibility. In just 55 minutes, PureBarre adherents claim you can even give your face and body a natural lift by building lean muscle mass, not to mention the meditative, yoga-like quality of most classes.

3. Bootcamp-style workouts
If you’re not a slave to routine and just like burning off some energy when you go to the gym, then no regular workout is going to give you what you want. In that case, bootcamp-style classes have what you need.

Bootcamp classes typically feature a style of exercise that people usually don’t do on their own – kickboxing, rockclimbing and deadlifting, just to name a few – and give you a high-energy introduction to all the basics. Every bootcamp class is different, too, so if you get bored by pushups and situps every time you go to the gym, these classes will be just the kick in the rear your body needs.

If you do decide to get LASIK for better workouts, make sure you check the post-LASIK activity schedule for the best possible results.

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