Cost Clarity: Glasses & Contacts vs. LASIK

Posted on 2015/03/12 at 4:17 pm by LASIK MD

When you look at the numbers, it’s easy to see that glasses and contacts cost a lot of money. North Americans spend more than $15 billion on eyewear products annually, and the high cost of prescription frames and contacts isn’t helping. The average pair of prescription glasses runs you about $263, while a set of lenses is slightly more economical at $240 each.

But what about everything else that goes with prescription eyewear? On average, a pair of sunglasses will set you back another $325. If you have contacts, you’ll be forking over $144 every year for lens solution and other supplies to fend off eye infections.

You might think these numbers aren’t so bad, but when you realize that you’ll be dealing with these costs for the rest of your life, reality sets in. If you happen to have both glasses and contacts, you might be looking at exponentially higher costs compared to the one-time cost of laser vision correction.

At LASIK MD you can get a lifetime of clear vision—glasses free—for a fraction of the price. With Standard LASIK starting at just $490 per eye, an 18-year-old with a $250 annual bill for prescription glasses can save about $13,770 over the course of a lifetime. A 30-year-old with a $400 annual eyeglass bill and an additional $350 add-on for contacts could see $34,270 in total savings with LASIK.

If good vision wasn’t important to you, you wouldn’t go through all the trouble of taking care of your glasses and contact lenses. Why not get the best of both worlds with laser vision correction by improving your eyesight and eliminating unnecessary costs with one quick and painless procedure?


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