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Posted on 2013/06/11 at 12:10 pm by LASIK MD

When I was younger, I started wearing glasses in school because I couldn’t read the chalkboard. I continued to play sports and ski without glasses though, until a ski crash in bad light led my Dad to buy me athletic glasses — specially designed to stay on my head as I ran, jumped, and tackled.

Being able to finally see the ball coming in little league baseball made a world of difference, but it wasn’t all home runs and victories in my glasses-wearing sports career. When I played soccer, my athletic glasses made me dread heading the ball because a miscalculation of just a few centimetres would mean a painful jolt as the glasses were pushed against my head. Under ski goggles, the glasses were uncomfortable and would fog up constantly.

Perhaps most unpleasant were the jeers from cruel opponents—style is not a strong point for athletic glasses; neither is comfort. Sweat was another downside, it would always form around the rubber pads designed to cushion the glasses during impact. Last but not least, trying to find the balance between too tight and too loose on the strap was impossible.

I loved playing sports, but it was almost as frustrating having to wear glasses as it was trying to guess where the balls was when I didn’t. That’s when I first considered having laser vision correction. Now that I’m older, my sports hobbies have changed, but I still live an active life. I have traded ski racing for back-country skiing and little league for mountaineering. In my new adventures, vision is even more critical than it was when I was a young athlete. Broken or lost glasses high on a mountain could be devastating, and foggy lenses are useless.

I underwent a LASIK procedure a year ago and the difference it has made to my enjoyment of sport is remarkable. I can now see perfectly without the awkward, uncomfortable athletic glasses. There’s no worry about a fall or clash damaging my fragile glasses, and being able to wear sunglasses on a hike without having to sacrifice vision is amazing. When I play soccer, it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to go for a header without the anticipation of a jolting pain to my forehead.

If you’re looking into athletic glasses, also check out LASIK MD—it’s a great option for people who love sports and enjoy active lifestyles.

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