Athletes and LASIK: A Perfect Match

Posted on 2014/04/12 at 5:30 pm by LASIK MD

Clear vision is critical for serious athletes, but corrective options like glasses and contacts can be problematic in certain sports. At LASIK MD, many patients are athletes and LASIK treatment has proven to be the perfect solution for them. LASIK allows athletes to forget about their eyes and focus on athletic excellence.

Figure Skater Joannie Rochette

One of Canada’s most famous Olympic athletes, figure skater Joannie Rochette, reports being thrilled with the results of her LASIK procedure. Wearing contacts had always caused problems for Rochette, including multiple eye infections. “Eventually I could only tolerate wearing contacts for a couple of hours at a time while skating,” she said. Even then, she still worried about the lenses falling out.

Rochette went in for a LASIK consultation when she was 18 and scheduled a procedure immediately after learning she was a candidate. LASIK changed everything: “Because I could stop worrying about my contacts while on the ice, my confidence as a figure-skater grew,” she said. Rochette went on to become the Canadian national champion six times and won a bronze medal in the 2010 Olympics.

Freestyle Skier Alexandre Bilodeau

Contacts were a big hassle for freestyle skier Alexandre Bilodeau, and he grew tired of “the daily annoyance of putting them in and taking them out.” Like most athletes, he was constantly on the road and had to worry about bringing enough lenses, solution, and a lens case everywhere he went. But the real problem with contacts for Bilodeau was unreliability: “As a competitive mogul skier, my vision is extremely important. I have to be able to read the moguls down to the smallest detail, and when I’m doing jumps I need to be able to spot my landing. . . . I always had the worry of losing a lens in the middle of my run or during a jump,” he said.

On his last run to win the 2010 Olympic Gold, Bilodeau pulled out a huge double back full—a trick involving a back flip and two twists. Poor vision during a trick like that could be catastrophic. Fortunately, his vision is now 20/20, thanks to his procedure. A few months ago at the 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi, Bilodeau won gold again becoming the first Canadian man to successfully defend an individual Olympic gold medal: “Because of LASIK, I no longer have the burden of glasses or contacts in my life. LASIK has also given me more confidence and has allowed me to focus 100 percent when competing.”

Athletes in every sport need good vision at all times for optimal performance. For many, using contacts comes with the risk of losing a lens, a major hassle in the transient lifestyle of a professional athlete. For others, their best possible vision with contacts is not as clear as their vision quality after LASIK. Still not convinced that athletes and LASIK make a good combination? Check out testimonials from many other star athletes who have undergone a procedure with LASIK MD. Every single one of them found that laser vision correction helped improve their performance.

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