This Adventurer is Living His #LASIKLIFE. See How!

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Meet Jean-François Carrey. He’s a fire fighter, outdoor explorer and all-around adventurer and he’s always ready for wherever life will take him next.

Jean-François, or JF, is best-known for being the youngest Canadian to climb Mount Everest back in 2006. And while you might think that scaling Earth’s highest peak would be his magnum opus, JF’s appetite for excitement only grew after that experience. Today, he embarks on whatever exciting opportunity comes his way and encourages others to do the same with help from his adventure expedition business. Unsurprisingly, JF’s philosophy is to embrace life and live it to the fullest – the true hallmarks of a #lasiklife well-lived. Read on to find out more about this LASIK MD patient’s story—and what great adventures lay ahead.

Adventuring: A Labour of Love

JF admits that what makes him happiest in life is gearing up for that next adventure—no matter how big or small it may be. Operating his own expedition business lets him share his passion with other likeminded go-getters, guiding them along such daring excursions like sea kayaking, white water canoeing, hiking and ski touring. It’s a job like no other and it’s one that allows him to take his passions abroad, too. “I’ve travelled to Asia, Africa and even Antarctica,” he says. He has also toured the Arctic extensively, exploring the eastern, western and northernmost regions. And, in the summer of 2015, he went on a huge two-week trip with an organization called Students on Ice, bringing younger students along on exciting excursions. “[With Students on Ice], we took students aged 14 to 18 to the Arctic. We went to Greenland, and then we crossed over to Baffin Island,” says JF.

His life back home in Ottawa, Ontario, is not without its share of excitement, either. Working as a firefighter allows JF to proudly serve his community, while helping others—which just so happens to be another passion of his. His job involves so many different responsibilities at the fire station: “I drive big trucks, climb ladders and enter burning buildings,” says JF. And there’s more, he adds, as the fire station he is based out of also accommodates the Water Rescue program, which means he operates the ladder truck, pump truck and a heavy rescue truck as well.

A life of adventure seemed to have always been in the cards for JF. Ever since he was a child, he dreamed of climbing Everest—and officially made that a reality on May 18, 2006. Having achieved this monumental goal at only 24, he was, at the time, the youngest Canadian to ever reach the top of the summit. But the journey there wasn’t easy: JF says that training for this expedition took about six years. But, in the end, the hard work was totally worth it: “[Climbing Everest] was just a springboard for the rest of my life, and it gave me a chance to do a lot and see a lot of new things.” New things, he admits, that he might’ve seen more clearly with help from laser vision correction.

Enjoying the View from the Top

“For me, getting LASIK was a no-brainer,” says JF, putting aside fears and reservations. The adventurer came to this life-changing decision shortly after he returned home from his Everest trip. While trekking the world’s highest peak, he felt burdened by the need to put his contact lenses on daily. It meant carrying along lens solution and hand sanitizer in his already filled-to-the-brim backpack. And, the time it took to insert his lenses while on the mountain was truly inconvenient. He knew that he needed to make a change, one that would improve his thrill-seeking lifestyle, so he treated himself to laser vision correction. And once he started living his post-LASIK life, JF never looked back.

Since undergoing the procedure, his lifestyle has vastly improved. Having strong eyesight means that JF is alert and ready to tackle any situation without having to worry about the hassle of glasses and contacts before heading out on a call. “People count on me,” says JF, “And so I need to be on top of my game.”

If you want to be on top of yours and prep for your own adventures, book your FREE consultation and see how laser vision correction can help you cross items off your bucket list, too!

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