We Address Your 9 Biggest Fears about Laser Vision Correction

Posted on 2015/09/08 at 2:22 pm by LASIK MD

Fear. As humans, we’re all too familiar with it and its power in keeping you from doing all the things you’ve always wanted to. Like that time you almost went sky-diving but, in the end, convinced yourself to stand firm on solid ground. Well, when it comes to laser vision correction, we know that your preconceived jitters are likely holding you back from what could be a life-changing procedure. Maybe you think it’s painful. Maybe you heard about some risks. Or, maybe, you’re just worried that the recovery period will take a really long time. These concerns and more are some of the reasons why those curious about taking the leap are still reluctant to go ahead with LASIK. We believe that misconceptions shouldn’t be getting in the way of discovering a brand new you. Get acquainted with some of the commonly-heard myths and uncover the truths about them.

Myth #1: The procedure is painful. Honestly, it’s probably more painful to have the finale of your favourite TV show spoiled for you. Most patients who undergo LASIK claim they feel little or no pain. That’s because we strive to make your experience—from pre-op to post-op—comfortable and easy. Our expert team of doctors are some of the best in Canada and bring their qualifications and expertise to every procedure performed. Furthermore, they will administer topical anesthetics in the form of drops to completely numb the eye. The laser, meanwhile, only touches the eye for approximately 15 to 60 seconds. At most, some patients have reported feeling a sensation of pressure when undergoing the treatment. Post-operatively, you might experience a feeling similar to opening your eyes underwater but that typically subsides within a day.

Myth #2: If I move my eyes the laser will burn me/the surgeon will cut my cornea wrong. Frankly, we get it. Lasers maybe don’t inspire much confidence, given their role in movies and films, as they are so often operated by the bad guys. But ours are designed purely for good, using advanced technology to deliver sublime results quickly and painlessly. So even if your eyes can’t stay perfectly still during the procedure, our lasers possess built-in eye trackers that will follow their every movement. It’s all very high-tech.

Myth #3: My vision can worsen after the procedure. Our one and only mission is to improve your vision and to free you from glasses and contacts. And from start to finish, we will do whatever we can to ensure that your experience at LASIK MD is one that is above and beyond satisfactory while giving you what it is you came for: Improved vision without glasses or contacts.

Myth #4: The recovery period is long. While we know all too well about the pleasures of playing hooky and catching “The Price is Right” while being doted on hand and foot,this procedure means little downtime and a speedy recovery. In fact, you’ll be floored with how quickly you snap back into your everyday living. We hate to break it to you, but you will most likely be back at work in about 24 hours, so, unfortunately for you there will be no fanning, peeled grapes or daytime television.

Myth #5: I will have some kind of terrible side effect. Complications following LASIK are extremely rare, minor and treatable. You’ll discover that the main side effect includes not having to wear glasses or contacts. You may, however, experience a surge in confidence following the procedure. We told you it’d be life-changing.

Myth #6: I can go blind. Thanks to today’s advancements in technology, the likelihood of blindness is virtually impossible.

Myth #7: My prescription needs to be stable The reality is that, no, your prescription does not need to have stabilized in order to undergo the LASIK procedure. So no matter when you choose to follow through with laser vision correction, the results will give you a life free from glasses and contacts.

Myth #8: LASIK is still new and there aren’t any long-term results. Let the numbers speak for themselves. In recent data collected by LASIK MD, over 98% of patients achieve at least 20/40 vision and many report 20/20 vision (or better) following LASIK. Laser vision correction improves your eyesight by making slight adjustments to the shape of your cornea. After a short healing period, these adjustments become permanent. Overall, the majority of our patients enjoys corrected eyesight almost instantly—and savour it for years and years.

Myth #9: LASIK is simply too risky. We know you’ve got plenty of excuses up your sleeve, and for that, we can’t help but commend your creativity. But, keep this in mind the next time you’re searching for that contact lens you dropped on the sink basin or wiping your glasses clean with your t-shirt for what feels like the hundredth time today: LASIK is widely considered to be one of the safest elective procedures in modern medicine. Its results yield some of the highest levels of patient satisfaction, according to a worldwide study printed in a 2009 study that appeared in a journal by the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Take the leap and free yourself of bottles and bottles of eye solutions, contact cases and lenses, too! Because—and, trust us, this one isn’t a myth—people really do smile more once they’ve had LASIK. Still got questions? Ask one of our experts or book a free consultation online.

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