For This Actress, Improved Eyesight’s in the Limelight

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“As soon as I knew what an actor was and what an actor did,” says Amanda Brugel, “I knew that’s what I wanted to be.” And, through hard work, perseverance—and, of course, talent—Amanda’s built herself quite an impressive career as one. She has played a variety of roles and has appeared on both the small screen and the silver screen. Off-camera, she manages to find the time to run a charity, raise two kids, and do it all while living an active lifestyle! With so much going on, it’s no wonder Amanda sought out ways to streamline her day-to-day. And that’s just one of the reasons why this award-winning actress opted to undergo laser vision correction. LASIK MD recently spoke to her about her career, her hobbies, and how she’s living her #lasiklife. Read on to learn more!

Spotlight on Amanda

Amanda’s first role was in the 1999 Christopher Walken film Vendetta. Since then, she has appeared in a variety of movies and TV shows alike. Recently, she earned praise for her portrayal of Officer Parker in the Oscar-nominated and critically acclaimed drama Room, shot in her hometown of Toronto.She’s also played Marci Coates in the Canadian sci-fi drama TV series Orphan Black, starring Emmy-nominated Tatiana Maslany. And she’s got many more exciting projects in the works: Next up, you can catch her in the star-packed Hollywood blockbuster Suicide Squad, slated for release in 2016. Suicide Squad was also filmed in Toronto and stars Margot Robbie, Will Smith, Jared Leto and Cara Delevingne.

With a resume like hers, it comes as no surprise that Amanda’s work has been celebrated by both audiences and her peers alike. In 2014, she reached a career milestone after winning an ACTRA, the Canadian counterpart to a Screen Actors Guild award, for her role as Vanessa in the comedy, Sex After Kids. “Taking home the ACTRA was a huge deal for me,” says Amanda. “It meant so much because it was an award voted by my peers. That was a real personal triumph.”

In her spare time, Amanda heads Brugs Army, an independent non-profit organization with a mandate dedicated to raising funds for charitable groups, focusing on improving the lives of women and children. BrugsArmy operates on various social media platforms, garnering a widespread audience on both a national and international level.

Amanda’s also on full-time duty as a mom of two. Her kids, she says, help her keep stay active, and imaginative, too. But juggling a successful career, an energetic lifestyle and caring for two children can be hectic for anyone! And so, Amanda saw a need to simplify her life, which included letting go of glasses and contacts. Though she had been toying with the idea of getting laser vision correction for a while, one day on set, she recalls the moment that finally pushed her to follow through with it.

It happened while shooting a scene with Tony- and Emmy-award winning actress Viola Davis, Amanda—and her eyes—had had enough.

“My contacts had been in for eight hours that day. My eyes were red, and I couldn’t see a hand in front of me,” she says. “When I looked up at Viola Davis and I wasn’t able to see her well, I said ‘that’s it—I’m getting LASIK.’”

Lights, Camera, LASIK!

Amanda underwent laser vision correction in September of 2015, just ten days before the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

“I got [LASIK] specifically because I knew I’d be on the red carpet [for Room] at the festival,” she said, “and I didn’t want to worry about fussing with contacts.” And so, she headed to LASIK MD’s downtown Toronto clinic to finally go ahead with her procedure, which was ultimately an experience she says she’d do again in a heartbeat. Amanda’s eyesight improved dramatically—and healed in time for TIFF!

As for the laser vision correction procedure itself, Amanda says she was beyond amazed with the ease of it all.

“Usually I’m not good when it comes to eye stuff,” she says. “But the surgery wasn’t painful at all. And my doctor was so reassuring and took great care of me.” Amanda admits that while she once loved wearing chic specs and sunglasses, she’s the first to say that there’s no looking back after LASIK.

“Waking up and seeing clearly without my glasses still doesn’t get old to me. Best of all is the clarity, the detail you see—of trees, patterns on intricate wallpaper and even on TV—the details are incredible [after LASIK],” says Amanda. She recalls how, one day while looking for the entrance to the Gardiner Expressway she was able to see the traffic sign from a distance of five blocks.

“I couldn’t believe how clearly I could see that sign and how easily I was able to spot it given how far away I was,” she says. Not only has getting laser vision correction helped her career flourish in many ways, she’s thrilled with how it’s improved her lifestyle in that she can get up, throw on her favourite pair of sunglasses and go about her day. And, not to mention, her newfound eyesight has proven to be a real game changer and total confidence-booster.

“Living my post-LASIK life means having the freedom to tackle the world head on,” says Amanda. And she’s having it all: Her next (huge) step will be moving from Toronto to Los Angeles, California, to live out her dreams—just another example of how LASIK MD’s patients are embracing their #lasiklife.

“At this point in my life,” she says, “I’m pushing boundaries like never before!”

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