3 reasons to ditch glasses forever

Posted on 2015/12/22 at 11:35 am by LASIK MD

When you initially realized your vision wasn’t exactly perfect, you went to the eye doctor and received your first pair of glasses. Whether this happened when you were 5 or 45, you were officially inaugurated into the pesky world of wearing eyeglasses. Although they may help you read without squinting at the page, they can be a source of endless frustration. If you’re still hanging onto your eyeglasses, consider updating your visual aids. Check out these three reasons you should ditch your glasses forever.

1. They’re inconvenient 
If you rely on glasses to give you proper vision, they probably inconvenience you multiple times throughout the day. It starts right when you wake up, as getting out of bed without your extra set of eyes is a recipe for disaster – who knows how many obstacles you’ll bump into before making it to the kitchen for a glass of water. And while hopping in the shower might be a quick morning routine for some, glasses wearers need to make a decision. Either you attempt to navigate the cleaning process through your other senses, or you sport your glasses and need to wipe the steam off every time you have to reach for something.

Throughout the day you probably experience similarly frustrating scenarios that are exacerbated by your reliance on eyeglasses. For example, when you try to don sunglasses over your regular frames or experience your lenses fogging up due to everything from a sip of hot coffee to a thunderstorm.  Interested in watching a 3-D movie? It’s not going to be easy balancing those flimsy shades on top of your necessary real ones. And don’t forget how easy it is to lose or break glasses. The period of time between finding them or buying new ones is marked by endless squinting and lots of educated guesses about your surroundings.

2. You have to keep updating them
Because your vision is constantly changing, you need to be vigilant about updating your glasses prescription. If you keep wearing a prescription that’s no longer applicable to you, you won’t be seeing as clearly as you could be, and you may start to experience headaches.

“Keeping tabs on your prescriptions is stressful.”

If you’re over 40, you may have noticed your vision changing more often than before, as people tend to start developing presbyopia around this age. This vision issue comes simply as a result of aging, but it makes it difficult for your eyes to focus on things that are right in front of them. All About Vision explained that once you start experiencing visual changes or develop more than one optical disorder, you may actually need to start wearing different glasses for various tasks. Keeping tabs on all your glasses and their prescriptions can be stressful and time-consuming.

3. They’re expensive 
Walking into your local glasses retailer might seem like a fun shopping experience at first glance. After all, there are so many frames to choose from, in all different shapes, colors and sizes. Once you examine the hefty price tags attached to each one, however, you inevitably start to crunch some numbers in your head. According to a 60 Minutes report, high prices are due to one major corporation owns many trusted brand names as well as optical retailers. The source explained that because there aren’t many companies that are considered high-quality in the glasses world, the prices of recognized brands can continue to climb.

Instead of simply putting up with wearing glasses, why not upgrade your quality of life and change your vision through a LASIK procedure? While switching to contact lenses will only cause increased frustrations, opting for a LASIK procedure will rid you of many of your current inconveniences.

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