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3 extreme sports you can’t do with glasses

Posted on 2015/10/09 at 2:55 pm by LASIK MD

Hockey might be Canada’s national pastime, but even that can get old after a while. In fact, if you consider yourself an adrenaline junkie, odds are you’ve been searching for some outdoor activity that gets your blood pumping and your heart racing.

If that sounds like you, then you might want to look into the new crop of extreme sports that are taking the world by storm. Sure, you might not be able to find them on primetime TV, but that doesn’t mean these extreme sports are lacking in thrill-seeking pleasures. Just make sure you don’t have anything like cumbersome glasses weighing you down when you sign up, or you might find yourself wishing you got LASIK before you tried your hand at these three new extreme sports.

1. Ice cross downhill
You might have been born on a pair of Bauers or CCMs, but that doesn’t mean the NHL is the only place you can bring your skating skills. Instead, there’s another extreme sport that puts your talents to use: ice cross downhill.

Essentially a combination of hockey, sprinting and cross country, this burgeoning extreme sport requires players to race one another down a course of ice replete with twists and turns to make even the most experienced NHLer think twice. This sport has become so popular in recent years that Red Bull sponsors annual world championships called Red Bull Crashed Ice, with recent events held in Montreal, Quebec City and Edmonton. In fact, Crashed Ice is returning to Quebec City in 2016, so start looking into tickets now!

If you want to try your hand at ice cross downhill, keep an eye out for qualifying events to major tournaments as the temperatures drop this fall. If you think you have a shot at making a name for yourself, consider the optics: With competitors and sharp turns whizzing past you, do you really want to stare through both glasses and a face mask? Fortunately, LASIK can help with that.

2. Heli-skiing
The Canadian Rockies offer some of the best skiing this planet has to offer, but if there’s no ski lift that brings you to the top of the mountain, what are you supposed to do? The answer: Forget the ski lift and go for a helicopter instead. That’s what aficionados of heli-skiing do, and this extreme sport is gaining more adherents every year. Canadian Mountain Holidays explained that while all the ski resorts in North America combined offer about 8,000 acres of skiable mountains, using a helicopter to reach the most pristine peaks expands that figure to more than 3.1 million!

Pack your sense of adventure and you’re ready to go!

3. Snow kayaking
If you love watersports so much that you bought a kayak for your personal use, you might find yourself out of luck when all the rivers freeze up in the winter. However, a bit of adventurousness can help you get that rush of adrenaline all winter long.

By taking your kayak up a snow-covered mountain, you can give snow kayaking a shot. The FW explained that, instead of being pushed along by a river’s current, gravity does most of the work in snow kayaking. Essentially a souped-up version of sledding, this extreme sport is already a big hit in Europe, with annual championships in countries like Estonia.

Like any downhill alpine sport, though, you’ll want to avoid trees and other obstacles, and if your old-fashioned glasses keep fogging up because of the cold, you might not even see them coming.

Extreme sports can give you that jolt of adrenaline many extreme athletes crave, but if you’re not smart about protecting yourself at the same time, you could wind up in a world of hurt. Make sure you buy the right equipment and check the post-LASIK activity schedule for the best possible results.

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