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Become the fastest men in the world - #better with lasik Become the fastest men in the world - #better with lasik Become the fastest men in the world - #better with lasik

Olympic and world championship medalist Andre De Grasse is the definition of someone who puts in the work.

Day in and day out, he dedicates endless hours towards his ambition of becoming the fastest man alive. Training. Planning. Executing. Getting results.
He knows that every detail counts when you’re on your way to achieving what you want.

Just like Andre, the desire to be the best version of yourself is one that lives in us all. Peak performance can’t always be accomplished alone, however, so why not get an edge over your competition with LASIK MD?


Our vision correction procedures are designed to help you by eliminating barriers that can affect how you see the world.

We treat a number of common vision conditions, including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. They often require glasses or contacts to correct, which can get in the way of attaining your goals.

It’s time to become your best self in the blink of an eye.

Why Andre De Grasse chose LASIK MD Why Andre De Grasse chose LASIK MD

As a leading Canadian provider of vision correction procedures, there are many advantages to undergoing a procedure with us:

We've performed over 1 million procedures*

A proven record of patient satisfaction

The procedure takes about 10 minutes

State-of-the-art technology

Our procedures are not painful

Quick recovery: typically in 24 hours


See more. achieve more.

Like Andre De Grasse, unlock your potential.
Find out if you’re a candidate by booking a free, no-obligation consultation:


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*LASIK MD surgeons in Canada have collectively performed more than 1 million procedures, with 500,000 of those in Quebec alone.

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