CXL price

LASIK MD is proud to be able to offer keratoconus patients this advanced treatment option.

CXL for only $200 per eye and CXL+TPRK for only $2000 per eye

Choosing LASIK MD for your CXL procedure offers several advantages:

  • No hospital wait times
  • Comfortable private clinic setting
  • Experienced surgeons
  • CXL + T-PRK treatment available
  • Follow ups at any of our clinics across Canada

For more information about these keratoconus treatments, visit our CXL and CXL + T-PRK pages.

Finding out if you're a candidate for CXL or CXL + T-PRK is easy. Simply book a FREE consultation online today or call 1‑866‑961‑2020.

*Must have valid Canadian health card. The price for US patients is $1,500 per eye for CXL and $2,500 per eye for CXL+T-PRK. For international and Canadian patients with an invalid health card or no health card it is $1,500 per eye for CXL and $2,500 per eye for CXL+T-PRK. All prices are in Canadian (CAD) dollars.