LASIK Side Effects: Will I Get Dry Eyes?

LASIK Side Effects: Will I Get Dry Eyes?

A LASIK procedure can be freeing and life changing. However, many people worry about LASIK side effects, particularly lasting dry eyes. While the procedure will make every patient’s eyes somewhat dryer afterwards, it’s only temporary.

As the eyes heal, dry eye symptoms quickly improve. All LASIK patients are instructed to use artificial tear drops following the procedure to reduce the effects of temporary dry eyes. Long-term complications are rare and can be predicted in individual patients. The surgeons at LASIK MD carefully test all patients with a history of dry eyes for warning signs of these potential complications. This testing is crucial in avoiding lasting dry eyes.

Rather than creating dry eyes, the LASIK procedure can actually increase comfort and cause fewer problems from dry eyes. Many eye patients who suffer from dry eyes with contacts will find the issue alleviated by LASIK. Additionally, LASIK MD offers a treatment known as comfort plugs that can help relieve the symptoms of dry eyes. The microscopic comfort plugs are inserted into the tear ducts and increase the tear film level. This keeps the eye moist and comfortable.

Temporary comfort plugs can be used after a procedure. This will increase comfort and decrease the need for artificial tear drops, and the plugs will dissolve harmlessly in three months. For patients with a pre-existing chronic dry eye condition, permanent silicone comfort plugs may be used. These can be removed by a doctor, but will otherwise remain in the eye and reduce dry eye symptoms indefinitely.

Be sure to inform your doctor of any pre-existing dry eyes when discussing your candidacy for LASIK. This will ensure that any potential issues with dry eyes and other LASIK side effects are appropriately managed before undergoing your procedure, so you can have a smooth recovery and begin enjoying your new vision as soon as possible.

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