Drawbacks of glasses

There is no shortage of inconveniences when it comes to wearing glasses. In fact, our former patients have been quite vocal in their dislike of them. Below is a list of what they had to say when asked to complete the following sentence:


• Are expensive
• Require continual upgrades in prescription
• Go out of style
• Partially hide the wearer's face
• Are cumbersome
• Are a hindrance if you need to wear a helmet or protective gear
• Are limiting, and they make many activities nearly impossible
• Are affected by bad weather
• Are affected by temperature changes; they fog up
• Break
• Get lost or misplaced
• Get scratched lenses
• Get bent, loose and fall off
• Make you appear older
• Limit one's field of vision
• Are inconvenient; they require a case to keep them protected
• Require continual maintenance and refitting
• Require constant cleaning
• Reflect light causing glare
• Are uncomfortable on the back of the ears and the bridge of the nose
• Slide down your nose when you sweat
• Are impossible to swim with
• Make it difficult to put on makeup
• Make it difficult to casually fall asleep or take a nap

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