LASIK Technology

What kind of technology is used?

As part of our mission, LASIK MD is committed to using state-of-the-art technology to offer premium quality care to our patients. The technology we use must also be backed by proven results, long-term studies confirming its accuracy and safety, and international approval from the ophthalmology community.

As Canada’s only national laser vision correction provider, we’ve invested over $50 million in our clinics to make sure our patients are being treated with the most advanced lasers on the market.

Our clinics are outfitted with the latest excimer lasers from Bausch & Lomb, Alcon Wavelight and VISX. We are therefore able to recommend treatment options and technology best suited to each individual’s needs.

At LASIK MD, we offer Standard and Custom LASIK or PRK, as well as All-Laser LASIK. Custom LASIK enables us to further tailor the procedure to the specific properties of an individual’s eyes.  The treatment results in a corneal shape that is closer to the normal curvature of a healthy eye. This leads to better quality outcomes for both day and night vision, especially for patients with high prescriptions, thin corneas and larger-than-average pupils.

Whether it is a pre-operative examination, the actual laser eye surgery, or post-operative care, our surgeons will use the most sophisticated methods and technology throughout every step of your procedure. Our eye care professionals will be able to explain which technology is best for you.