Why is LASIK MD So Affordable?

Having the best vision possible should not be at the mercy of high prices. LASIK MD strongly believes that everyone should be able to benefit from laser eye surgery. As such, we are pleased to offer quality care at an affordable price. It is a win-win situation for you, our patient.

Here is how LASIK MD makes laser eye surgery affordable:

  • LASIK MD is the largest group of laser eye surgery clinics in Canada. This allows us to receive discounts on our vision correction equipment. These savings are then passed on to our patients.
  • We manage our clinics efficiently. Each of our eye care professionals is a highly-trained specialist in his domain, and all this efficiency is reflected in our prices.
  • LASIK MD doctors are highly experienced: several medical studies on surgical technique show that the greater the laser eye surgeon’s experience, the fewer the complications. Hence, LASIK MD’s highly experienced team of laser eye surgeons hold a very low complication rate.
  • The two main fixed costs in LASIK surgery are the laser (purchase and maintenance) and the eye surgeon’s time. At LASIK MD, our laser vision correction centres perform many surgeries per day, often on weekends as well. This brings down the cost per case compared to vision correction centres in which lasers may be sitting idle most of the time.
  • Rather than leasing its laser vision correction equipment, LASIK MD owns the vast majority of its lasers. Together, LASIK MD clinics own more than 80 lasers used for laser vision correction (more than any other North American company).

    In addition, there are no royalty fees on LASIK technology in Canada. However, in the United States, the cutting edge technology is accompanied by royalty fees. All LASIK MD Canadian clinics are therefore in a better position to charge lower prices.
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