LASIK MD Perks & Benefits

At LASIK MD, we recognize that our people are the key to our company's success. Our comprehensive benefits program, attractive compensation and other valuable perks & incentives are meant to reflect this undeniable fact.

Our people are excited about the opportunity to provide our patients with the LASIK MD Experience-a combination of excellent personalized service and quality care. To that end, our perks and benefits are designed to provide LASIK MD employees with the support they need to focus their energy and perform at their very best.

Learn more about Benefits at LASIK MD:

  • Insurance benefits
  • Perks
  • Rewards and recognition programs

Insurance Benefits

LASIK MD provides the following to employees and their family members:

  • Extended Health Care, which offers comprehensive coverage. Among the benefits included are: a prescription drug plan with 100% co-insurance, travel insurance, coverage of paramedical services such as massotherapy and access to a health-assistance telephone line.
  • Dental Care
  • Life Insurance
  • Long Term Disability
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

A 401k plan is offered to U.S. employees.

Further details on our health care benefits will be provided during the selection process.


  • LASIK MD Preferred Surgery Rate for Employees
    We encourage employees who need laser vision correction to take advantage of this life-changing experience. Employees who are candidates for laser vision correction can benefit from a reduction of more than 85% on the regular price of the procedure and they can even get the surgery for free.
  • Refer-a-Patient Program
    Our employees are great spokespeople for LASIK MD. Those who refer patients are entitled to a referral bonus, and the referred patient is entitled to a discount on the price of their surgery.
  • Employment Referral Incentive Program
    Good people know other good people. Some of our best employees have been hired through referrals. LASIK MD strongly encourages its employees to recommend candidates for the different opportunities available. A generous employee referral program financially rewards and encourages employees to refer new employees.
  • Employee Fitness Program and Corporate Discounts
    Join LASIK MD and get special rates on health club memberships, electronics, wireless plans, cards, jewels, vacation and much more!
  • Monthly bonuses for Clinical and Patient Care Center employees, as well as additional incentive programs and giveaways.

Rewards & Recognition programs:

LASIK MD recognizes the efforts put forth by employees in all areas and job functions across the company. By providing a continuum of contests, special awards and weekly draws, we constantly acknowledge and motivate our employees to create a culture of recognition. Our employees in turn become more engaged, feel valued and appreciated for a job well done.

Contests: (Weekly, monthly and yearly)

  • Yearly give away trip to destinations across the globe
  • Refer a Patient Program: Yearly contest where the top referrer wins 2 airfare tickets to anywhere in Canada or the U.S.

Rewards & Recognition: (Varies by department)

  • Employee of the year
  • Clinic employee of the month
  • Company paid events and R&R (rewards & recognition) budgets: LASIK MD rewards each of its employees by providing a budget for each department which helps fund group activities to recognize and thank employees for their hard work. Activities can include treats, social events, lunches, dinners and much more!
  • LASIK MD Service Award Program: rewarding employees with 5 years of service
  • Patient Care Center Incentive Program: Points program within our call center which awards points to top performers every month. Employees accumulate top service award points and then log on to a customized LASIK MD site to choose from a vast selection of gift items. At the end of the year, a trip is drawn based on the top performer of the year.
  • Monthly VCP (Visual Care Plan) Pizza Party: the clinic with the most improved VCP increase over the course of the month will host a pizza party for all clinic staff.
  • Top Clinical Counselor Reward: Every month, the top three Clinical Counselors are rewarded with a $100 gift certificate. At the end of the year, a trip for 2 to an all inclusive resort is drawn.

Draws: (Weekly, monthly and yearly)

  • Concert ticket
  • Special events and show tickets
  • Public Transit Program
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