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At LASIK MD, we believe that the success of our business lies in our people. Therefore, we are committed to supporting the ongoing learning and development of our employees. As a LASIK MD employee, you will find an abundance of resources to help you enhance your knowledge and skills to advance your career. During your performance appraisals meetings, you will meet with your manager to discuss your employee development plan. This plan will help you map out ways to develop new competencies in order to continuously progress in your career.

One of the most important components of professional development is regular and constructive communication. Our employee evaluations represent a concerted effort to offer continuous formal and informal feedback to all of our employees. During your first year of employment at LASIK MD, you will have evaluations at three (3), six (6), and 12 months. These will serve as great opportunities for you to meet with your manager to discuss your performance. After your first year of employment, you will continue to receive both semi-annual and annual evaluations from your manager. We encourage the growth and development of all our employees because they are an integral part of our business. Whenever possible, LASIK MD gives employees the opportunity to apply for positions that become available. In fact, we are so committed to the development of our employees that one of our LASIK MD's philosophies is meritocracy: a system in which the talented are chosen and promoted on the basis of their achievement. LASIK MD is committed to encourage employees to:
• Identify new competencies and look for ways to develop them
• Take interest or look for a variety of work assignments (cross-training opportunities)
• Ask for feedback
• Look for opportunities to coach others
• Be willing to invest extra effort in order to achieve the objectives related to the development plan, without losing sight of their current assignment or work objectives.
LASIK MD promotes cross-training for all our clinical positions. Employees get the opportunity to learn new skills, giving them a valuable diversified work experience. Cross training also gives employees a clearer understanding of the overall business structure, and helps them to better appreciate the work of their colleagues.
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