Laser Eye Surgery Clinic in Hamilton

There are several easy ways to contact us:

1. Give Us a Call:

Please call between 7:00am and 11:00pm during the week and between 8:00am and 7:00pm on weekends.

Ask about our evening and weekend appointments.

2. Send Us an Email
Simply fill out this contact form and one of our Patient Care Representatives will answer any questions that you may have.

3. Visit the Clinic at:

LASIK MD Hamilton
276 Mud Street West
Hamilton, ON L8J 3Z6

Mon 11:30am - 8:00pm
Tues 8:30am - 5:00pm
Weds 8:30am - 4:30pm
Thurs and Fri 8:30am - 5:00pm
Sat 8:30-5:00pm

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LASIK MD Hamilton