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    Reading Emotions: Do You See What Eyes See?

    Apr 15, • 2943 Views • LifestyleNo Comments

    But is reading emotions really possible with nothing more than a glance? Are eyes really so transparent... Read more...

  • LMDBlog_Images_My_LASIK_Recovery

    My LASIK Recovery

    Mar 27, • 4869 Views • LifestyleNo Comments

    Though I knew that LASIK recovery was supposed to be quick and painless, I was still nervous when I went in for my procedure... Read more...

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    Blue Eyes: A Common Sight?

    Mar 21, • 3380 Views • LASIK & Vision FactsNo Comments

    There's some data to suggest that those with lighter-colored eyes are at greater risk for ocular issues—but does hue really impact vision or eye health... Read more...