4 movie and TV characters who struggled with glasses

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Does art imitate life or the other way around? Whatever the answer is, audiences tend to like movies that, no matter how fantastic, have a bit of everyday life in them. Hollywood sometimes takes a very realistic perspective when it comes to the daily struggle of wearing glasses.

Characters lose their spectacles, break them and sometimes meet their comical demises by them. It all makes you think whether they would’ve been better off with a quick LASIK procedure, but that probably wouldn’t make for a very entertaining movie. Check out these four times in movies and TV shows when glasses got in the way.

1. Henry Bemis, ‘The Twilight Zone’
“The Twilight Zone” introduced audiences to new levels of logical situations taken to their extremes, and one of the series’ highest rated episodes, according to IMDB.com, taught that to no one better than the bookish Bemis. The bespectacled bank clerk loved to read, but between his overbearing boss and controlling wife, he never had time to sit down with his favourite book.

After sneaking off to the bank’s vault to read during his break, Bemis inadvertently survived the apocalypse. He struggled to find the city’s library, where it dawned on him that, as the last living man on Earth, he could do nothing but read for the rest of his life. However, as Bemis was organizing the library’s collection into stacks, his glasses slipped off his face and broke on the ground, leading to the now famous line, “It’s not fair – there was time now!”

Because he couldn’t read books without glasses, Bemis most likely had a form of hyperopia, or presbyopia, both of which LASIK can improve.

2. Dennis Nedry, ‘Jurassic Park’
One of the most famous deaths in this landmark film from the ’90s was portrayed by Wayne Knight of primetime sitcom “Seinfeld” fame. Maybe that’s why it was so bizarre to see Nedry, a disgruntled computer technician at the titular unfortunate theme park, get caught in the rain by a dilophosaurus in what NextMovie.com ranked as the most horrific death in the movie.

Speeding on muddy roads in the middle of a hurricane, Nedry’s glasses fogged up causing him to lose control and crash his Jeep. He then lost his glasses trying to attach a tow cable to a nearby tree. Searching for his glasses on all fours, he says. “I can afford more glasses,” ironically LASIK would have served him better.

From there, the dilophosaurus poked its head out from behind a tree and it was an acid-goo mixture to the eyes for Nedry. While probably nothing can protect against corrosive dinosaur spit, LASIK could’ve helped him avoid crashing in the first place.

3. Laney Boggs, ‘She’s All That’
Enough of all the doom and gloom – sometimes glasses are just holding you back from being all you
can be. That was the case for high school wallflower Laney Boggs in 1999′s teen romance classic “She’s All That.” Laney is unpopular, has frumpy clothes, doesn’t have a boyfriend and – most importantly – wears glasses.

The flick is considered influential for its makeover scene that transformed Boggs from artsy outsider to beauty queen, though all Boggs did was put on a dress and take off the specs. Regardless, the very act of ditching the glasses was so influential that it launched a decade of imitation movies, and Rachael Leigh Cook, Boggs’ actress, told The Daily Beast that she still feels like she’s walking down the stairs in the movie when the same song comes on in the grocery store.

If Boggs had gotten LASIK instead, the whole movie would be a lot more efficient – though not as entertaining.

4. Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, ‘X-Men’
The tactical leader of the group of mutants known as the X-Men, Scott Summers was born with the ability to shoot concussive blasts from his eyes. Marvel explained that, through some combination of psychic power and the ability to expand and contract the opening of his eyes, the distinctive red beam that Summers shoots from his eyes earned him the designation “Cyclops” once he joined the team of mutant soldiers.

However, a plane crash at a young age left Summers without the ability to control his power, so he must wear ruby quartz glasses at all times to protect those around him. When various supervillains have managed to damage or remove the lenses, Summers must close his eyes to the world.

Comic book fans are used to a fair share of techno-babble, and there’s no telling how LASIK would help a mutant superhero, but maybe it could’ve helped Cyclops read the newspaper in the morning without obliterating the front page.

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